Friday, April 3, 2009

What a week!

Well it has been quite a week! Last Friday night Greg got the flu and by Monday he was feeling better. I was thanking my lucky stars that the boys and I had made through the weekend without getting sick, then on Tuesday I get a call from Nate's school and he is sick :( I am happy to report that he and daddy are totally fine now, and I feel safe now in saying that mommy and Zach made it through without catching it!!

I am also happy to report that my scrappy mojo seems to be returning - has been on hiatus for a long time. I think the prospect of having larger increments of time -due to the fact that it is spring break and the boys will be sleeping in, is really helping to motivate me. So I realize that I have not shared any MMM links for the last few posts I did. It has been a couple weeks so I am just going to post them here:

My fellow Daisy Diva Meghan Dymock posted a great layout challenge. She was inspired by the Facebook requests floating around to create a layout with a list of 25 random things about herself. I loved the idea and thought I would do a layout listing the first 25 things that popped into my head.

And this was last Monday's MMM post (I think I like the first one the best, the little birds look so happy to me:) :

How do I use________?
We have all had this happen, we get a new scrap goodie, we are all excited to play with it but when we sit down to use it -"nothing"! Recently had this happen to me after I bought some K&Co. die cut label/journal spots. I loved the look of them, the colors were great but for some reason I just was drawing a blank as to what to do with them. So I thought I would issue myself a small challenge (baby steps so to speak): to create 3 different cards using them. Well it turned out to be a very fun little challenge! I love how they turned out and now I have some ideas on how to use them on my next layout!

So the next time you don't know how to use a product, challenge yourself to create something small with it, a card, tag or artist trading card, just have fun and I am sure you will be happy with the result!

If you don't stop by the MMM blog you really should my fellow Masters are so incredibly talented and are always posting so much inspiration!! There is a new post almost every day! So make sure to check it out!

Some other very exciting news, Cocoa Daisy is starting some very fun challenges and daily inspiration prompts, so please come on over and join in! Also mark your calendars for the weekend of April 24-26! Cocoa Daisy is going to have an ONLINE CROP all weekend long! Tons of giveaways, challenges, classes and fun techniques!! I will post more about it as it gets closer.

Have a great Friday!!

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Charlene said...

Your Mojo dosent ever look like it's are 1 talented lady!! I sometimes try to make a card and blank!! Nothing comes to mind...I hate that!!! Especially when you have the time!!