Friday, October 31, 2008

String of Stars

Well I hope you are all in the Holiday Decorating spirit!! The November project kit has two quick and easy Holiday decorations that you can make for yourself or give as gifts. The first part is the string of stars mini banner, full of glitz and sparkle, new Little Yellow Bicycle papers, Maya Road Glimmer Mist in silver (which is so fun, it will make you look for things to spray - seriously!) and plenty of beads and glitter. You can hang this banner on a wreath as I have shown, you mantel, or even on the front of your Christmas Tree. It also comes with a set of 3 small chipboard JOY ornaments, which you can make to hang on a wreath, the tree or attach them to a special gift with a big ribbon (which is what I am going to use them for). I don't play with glitter very often, but every time I do I have way to much fun! Kit goes up for sale November 1st, and as always a full set of instructions is included!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little Halloween love!

I had to share a couple wonderful Halloween presents I received. The adorable floral arrangement is from my Mother-in-law, isn't it too cute! And of course she sent balloons with it for the boys -thanks Momma!! The ever so scary, smiling, skeleton mug (complete with chocolate) is from Amber, I am drinking hot cocoa out of it as I type this! Thanks girlfriend! Hope all of you are getting ready for some tricks and treats tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something that has been tugging at my heart

I feel compelled to write about this, to get my feelings together and what better place than my blog. I have never been much of a journal or diary keeper but my blog has helped to do better in that area. Like most of you I have been watching the ebb and flow of this years election, the topics being brought up and discussed (and being a debate girl I enjoy the back and forth of the two parties), each party loves to talk about who they will "fight" for, who needs help and what should be changed to make their lives better, but I have not heard anyone talk about the most innocent group of all, a group that has no voice or political affiliation, the voice of thousands and thousands of little babies is not being represented. Yes I am talking about abortion, a touchy subject for some, now the law of the land is that they are legal, I understand that and I am not an in your face, bully someone to think like me kind of girl when it comes to abortion -other topics maybe, but not abortion. I believe that we need to touch the hearts of women and get them to make the choice to save their babies, rather than get in anyone's face or call them names. As I mentioned it is the law of the land and probably will remain the law of the land, but I firmly believe that we do not need to broaden the scope of that law, as a loving and benevolent group we should not allow things like late term abortions or the practice of letting babies die on a cold table because of a botched abortion attempt - I am sorry to be so graphic, but just google the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. I know that a lot of women want this choice (and in certain instances I do believe the option has to be available) and I really am not trying to debate anyone, I just want to make women pause a moment and hear these little voices. I have had two very close friends have miscarriages in the last couple years and to them they did not loose a fetus but they lost their babies. Just take a moment to think about this issue, and where you stand on it, do some research on it and open your heart to the fact that we need to set and example to our children that all life is to be valued; old, young, red, yellow, black, white, handicapped, rich, poor and yes unborn.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just a little peek.

Here is the sneak peek of the November project kit for Cocoa Daisy that I promised.

And these are what I am going to make for Nate's classmates - aren't they cute! I made them using the Cocoa Daisy October kit.

It's Monday...

... MMM blog post is up, check it out here!
I will be back later to give you a sneak peek of the November project kit - hope you all are in a Holiday mood!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RAK winner

By using a very technical means -closing my eyes and pointing at the screen :) Vanessa, (aka vanessa, florida, usa), you have won the RAK!! Please email me your address to and I will get your RAK off to you!

Thank you everyone for playing along and for all the great card ideas!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Whew!! What a week!

We had an absolutely fabulous time!!! The weather was perfect -mid 70's all week, the house was beautiful and enormous! Greg summed it all up pretty well - we felt like kids again, we could come and go as we pleased, eat when we wanted, get up in the morning when we wanted, it was awesome! It was also so wonderful to have some precious alone time with my hubby! So here are some pictures to sum up the week:

The house we rented (thank goodness for "off-season"):

The view from the balcony of the house:

We took at least two walks on the beach everyday - collected a lot of seashells for the boys:

They had these huge Adirondack chairs all over and Greg decided to take a break in one:

Yes this is me getting a tattoo! I have wanted to get this one for awhile -it is in Hebrew from the Song of Solomon, and it says "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine". While we at the tattoo shop, Greg decided to get the same thing on his inner arm. So we went back to the shop (Island Tattoo) on Wednesday and had a Tattoo Artist by the name of Dave Bein work on our tattoos. He was amazing, he is one of only 35 Tattoo Masters in the whole country! He drew the symbols freehand and was so precise, very funny and nice too! It only hurt a little at first, but then you get kinda used to it, just stings:

Greg getting his tattoo:

And this is the final results:

Finally a few pictures of us at the house (so glad we packed the tripod):

I was even able to get some scrapping in - the house had a great big dining room table, so I just left my scrap stuff out all week and worked on stuff here and there. That is it for now, hope you all had a great week! I will pick a winner for the RAK tomorrow! Have a great Monday!

OH almost forgot, MMM blog post is up, go check it out!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary and a RAK!

When Greg and I got married 10 years ago today it was exactly 5 years to the day that we had first met -a coincidence that we did not realize until after we had set our wedding date :) One of my favorite wedding pictures is this one, I think it speaks volumes of how much we love and laugh together. He is truly my very best friend, knows me for who I am, all my faults included and still loves me! I love you sweetie - thank you for the last 10 years and I hope we have so many more - you hold my heart!

Seeing as I am going to be gone for a week I thought I would put up a RAK. I created this card/quote set using the October kit from Cocoa Daisy and thought I would give it away to one of my blog readers. I will look and see what I have from my MMM prize that I can through in with it also (most of my extra MMM prize was donated to Nate's school, but I am sure I have some goodies left). Just leave me a comment about cards: do you make them, do you use your scraps etc. I love to make cards and would love to hear how you make them. I will pick a winner when I get back. Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Mini album/and some random news

We’ve heard from quite a few people that they would really like a chance to purchase the sold out project kit. Because there is such demand for it, we are considering re-ordering it. If you would be interested in purchasing one of the kits, please email Tricia at Thanks!

This Friday Greg and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary - 10 years spent with the love of my life and my very best friend, I can't believe how fast the time has flown by and to celebrate we are going on vacation! This will be our first non-kid, non-family vacation in 10 years! The first and only vacation we have had just the two of us since our honeymoon! Needless to say it is long over due! We are going back to the same place we spent our honeymoon -the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are renting a beautiful home right on the beach, I cannot wait - lots of walks, eating out, reading and just being together! We plan on doing a whole lot of nothing! I am even packed my crop bag in case of a rainy day. Grammy and Grandpa are coming to take care of the boys so I know they will have a great time while we are away.

I also wanted to post my I Inspire Me layout from last week, the theme was wire/metal. I was inspired by the shape on the top of this wire basket, I mimicked it with the die cut paper from Making Memories. I was also inspired by the softness of the cotton balls so I used some vellum for my title.
That's it for now - have a great Thursday!

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday at MM!

Happy Monday - new post up at the MMM blog! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Cocoa Daisy

My favorite color is green, and I was so thrilled to see the various shades of it in the latest kit from Cocoa Daisy. I was also thrilled with the versatility that this kit gave me, I was able to do a little boy layout, a wedding layout, an all about me layout and even some Halloween goodies (which you will see in the Cocoa Daisy Newsletter later this month) with the simple color scheme in this kit!

The idea for this layout came from a pillow - you never know when inspiration will strike!
Journaling (which was inspired by my Ali word for the year "grow") reads:
Grow -
to be able to grow in some place or situation; to have an increasing influence; to spring up and develop maturity
Grow without confines and preconceived notions, to grow in all aspects of my life. No specific goals for growth, just to focus on the idea of growing in and of itself.

This is the first wedding layout I have done and we have been married for 10 years LOL!! The cream papers behind the butterflies are from my own stash.

Just a pretty anniversary card made with the left over butterflies from the above layout and the stamp that was included in the kit.

The colors from this kit could not have fit this photo any better!
Journaling reads:
Even though it was chilly out, I could not resist taking you out to splash in the puddles with your new Froggy Boots!
Zach - May 14, 2008

I had so many cute pictures left of Zach in his froggy boots that I used the adorable little green album from the kit to make a simple mini album.

Hope you all have a great Friday!