Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The twists and turns of life.

It's really amazing to me how life is a tapestry, we see the threads, some of the colors we find beautiful others not so much. We can never see how these threads will mesh and what they will turn into until AFTER we experience them. Only then do we realize the richness of the final product, how the melding of all those threads produces something beautiful and so much stronger. There is a master weaver and we just need to have faith in how beautiful our pattern is going to be.

This summer has shown me where certain threads were leading me, why they were necessary and to trust where they will go. The weight of my decision to leave my marriage, knowing I had to didn't make it any easier or less stressful. Needing to find a job and moving into my parents house, wanting the boys and I have a home to call our own, it all added to that weight that I carried around with me all summer long. In fact I was at my lowest when I stepped on the plane to Greece in September, I even passed out in the aisle of the plane, poor Lisa - I was supposed to take care of her! I think Ronda was right -I just shut down, kinda like a computer needs to reboot. In a way Greece saved me this summer. In Mykonos I was roomies with Ronda Palazzari, Lisa Pace and Emily Rose. I have never laughed so hard in my life, honestly my cheeks hurt all week and to say that my trip there and the time I spent with my friends old and new was life changing would be an under statement, it all happened when I needed it to happen the most and that’s really the only way I can explain it

Somehow everything fell into place (not that I didn't constantly question and worry), moving in with my Mom and Dad turned out to be the best way to transition for the boys and I not to mention all the help, love and support that my Mom and Dad gave me. We found the perfect home for us - I really couldn't love this house more! And as for a job - well that fell into place perfectly too! And the job - well talk about timing! Tricia is expecting her third child, was moving to CO and felt it was time to have less on her plate. I approached her about taking over Cocoa Daisy, I needed a job, the boys were going to be in school full time and it was something I knew I would love doing. It really was the perfect solution for both of us. Remember those threads I talked about - who would have known that being on the Cocoa Daisy Design Team and putting together the project kits would have led to me owning the business. Not only did it bring me this opportunity but it brought me a wonderful friend! I will miss having Tricia as my roomie when we are at CHA, but now I have an excuse to visit Colorado and I get to have a little "baby fix" when I am there too! I know that I could not have started on this journey without Tricia’s help and encouragement and I thank her so much for that! Sometimes she just knew when to call me when I needed it the most. I also know I couldn't be doing this without Ronda's help -she does so much more than just keep the Design Team going, she is my cheerleader and my friend and she holds a very special place in my heart.

As for Cocoa Daisy, I have made a few changes, the new Cocoa Daisy boxes and packaging, which I must say it makes me smile whenever it is shipping day and they are all stacked up ready to be mailed out. I am striving to keep the same quality kits and customer service that the Cocoa Daisy customers are used to. It's a lot of work, long long hours and except for some help from my Mom it's all being done by me - but I am LOVING IT! If you are a subscriber or have any questions about Cocoa Daisy please email me at

I also wanted to share a few pictures of our new home:

This is the entry way, complete with welcoming Magpie:

Mom and I found this antique watchmakers table at a local antique store, holds my 1920's typewriter and apothecary jars perfectly.

Most of the upper floor is all open so you get this great loft like feeling:

The kitchen:

My bedroom is done in a nice calm palette; whites, beiges, blacks and a bit of green:

We found this little treasure at a local antique store as well - only $6!!

I don't have pics of the basement yet - need to get the curtains up once that is done I will share that area of the house with you. So that is where I am right now - busy summer huh :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cocoa Daisy December sneak peeks!

Here is a little sneak peek at Cocoa Daisy's December kit “Winter Magpie”.

Combine a little bit of vintage and a little bit of bright whimsy and you get Cocoa Daisy’s December kit “Winter Magpie”. Full of new releases from My Mind’s Eye, Girls’ Paperie, Glitz, Making Memories and 7gypsies you will love creating with this soft, whimsical kit! We have even thrown in some Mica Snow Flakes for you to play with.

And here are a few peeks at the add-ons:
“Shiny bits”

“Feather your nest”


Make sure to check back with us on November 28th for the full reveal!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cocoa Daisy November kits and layouts.

Just a quick post to show you all the fabulousness that is in the store this November at Cocoa Daisy. Not only is there a bright eclectic main kit but also a special "Countdown to Christmas" project kit! Both Ronda and I will be making examples with this project kit so you will have plenty of inspiration as you work on your Holiday album. You can find all of them HERE.

Here is the November main kit and add-ons:

Countdown to Christmas project kit:

The completer set add-on:

And my November layouts:

Have a great week!