Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you guess what I did today?

I don't think I need to write a long post about how I feel concerning the extreme spending and blatant disregard of the constitution our elected officials have participated in for many years now. I think the tea bags really do say it all :)


Charlene said...

I'm with you!!

Olivia said...

Good For YOU! I must admit that I was completely in the dark about the "tea parties" until a fellow teacher filled me in this morning. I was oblivious due to the many graduate projects/assignments that have kept me chained to Microsoft Word for the past week and a half. My dad is an accountant and I have grown up in a conservative household amongst "tax talk". We are soooo overtaxed and it isn't right. Our country must take back control or we will have nothing to show for our hard work and our children will have even less for their futures. Thank you for standing up for what is right!

Delaney Gates said...

Good for you, girl!! I wasn't able to make the one in my town and it's STILL killing me that I couldn't go!!