Friday, January 23, 2009

A whole day to myself

I am off to CHA tomorrow and I am so excited!! This is my first trip to CA too! If any of you will be there please bump into me and say hi - would love to run into you! I have had the whole day to myself as Greg took the boys down to VA for the weekend. It was so quiet in the house, I miss their little voices. But it gave me time to work on THIS, before I leave tomorrow morning. It's the February project kit and it's titled "A love story" (or as Greg calls it "oops I married a dofus" -I could not stop laughing when he said that!). There are a few products that I am still waiting on - but this is a pretty good sneak for now (yes that is a CIRCLE ACRYLIC ALBUM and alcohol ink, are you intrueged)!

And this is mister Deli Joe when Grammy came to get him this morning. He wanted to make sure we didn't forget his sock froggy!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back with some CHA photos on Thursday!


Sharie said...

Have a wonderful time at CHA - I hope our California weather warms up for you, it's been a bit cloudy this week.

jill s said...

I'm so glad we ran in to each other the other day!!

It's killing me that I'm not going to CHA this time!

You will LOVE California!!!

Have fun! :)

Olivia said...

Oooo. I love the look of that kit. Might have to pick that up this month.
I'm defintely envious of your CHA experience. I would soooo love to attend. I hope you have a great time and come back with lots of great pictures to share.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Have fun at CHA!!! I'm sure you'll fall in love with CA just as I have over the years :-) That project kit looks delish :-)