Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December musings

Today was a good day - I needed this day. I was feeling so overwhelmed with my Christmas "to-do" list, that I was craving January 2nd when life would be back to a normal routine. I don't like when this happens to me at Christmas I want to be able to enjoy this special time of year with my family, it just gets hard to slow down when so much needs to get done. But today was a good day - Zach and I spent part of the afternoon with my Mom, we finished up the Christmas shopping, had lunch at McDonald''s, made some of my favorite cookies, had a cup of coffee and just had time to "be together". Nothing fancy just spending time with one another. Being with my Mom calms me - it is strange how fast time can fly yet slow down when I am with her. Then later when I had to get Zach up from his nap he wanted me to just hold him, and I did. You know how sometimes when you hold your child close and they are all sleepy and warm, and it makes you heart ache with the pure joy of it - well that was the feeling Zach gave me today. The last of the Christmas cards didn't get finished, dinner was late and I didn't care one bit!

Here are the cookies we made, they are called Church Windows and they are super easy to make:
Melt a stick of butter and a pkg. of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a double boiler then let it cool for a few minutes, fold in a pkg. colored mini-marshmallows (and some finely chopped nuts if you want) divide the mixture in half place each half onto a sheet of wax paper and form into a log shape, wrapping the wax paper tightly around. Put in the fridge for a couple hours then slice. That's it - super easy and super yummy!

Saturday our nephews came over to play with Nate and Zach and Greg took them out for a sled ride:

I have been busy working on the January project kit and a special surprise to go along with it! I will post about that in a couple days!

My Monday MMM blog post is up and I talk about how to create these:

Oh-and tell me what you think of the blogs new look -I think this is how I had it before, I just can't decide between the all white background or this one.

Have a great week and please take a few minutes in this crazy busy time of year to just "be" with those you love!

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Ady said...

I like the white blog look. Mine is the same as this one but I plan to re-do for the new year. It's funny but I was feeling the same the other day and I ended taking some of my to-do projects off the list and I feel a whole lot better. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.