Friday, May 11, 2007

My new blog

Well here it is - my blog! I have a little "tweaking" to do yet but for the most part here it is!! I started this blog as a challenge to myself - I have never kept a journal or diary and have a hard time recording my thoughts on a day to day basis (unless it is on a scrapbook page!) so I thought now is a good time to start. And I love to live a creative life and that is what I want to share and encourage others to do as well. So my first creative challenge to you is do something outside your comfort zone - something you have been wanting to try but were afraid you couldn't or it would take to long (hey it took me two weeks to get this blog going!), and let me know what you come up with! Remember there is no right or wrong in being creative!


Daniela said...

Awesome job, love that header.

Barb said...

Hey, Christine.

So glad your blog is up and running!

I actually did a great LO last night that really stretched me--kind of Elsie (not me!) meets Ali (a little more my style). Very fun!

Patrice~ said...

omigosh - is that a pic of you standing in your scrap studio?
I am SO jealous!!!
Great blog, btw.

stephaniehowell said...

and how pretty are you!