Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kit storage idea

I just got the new "Organization Tips" idea book and found the perfect way to store my kits - with pant hangers! How cool is that! I can hang up to 3 or 4 kits in their baggies on each hanger and they are right there where I can see them, and no more bent paper corners. I plan on finding some cute hooks to hang them from, (but nails will do for now. This is so perfect for me - I need to see what I have or else I forget that it's there, and it's enexpensive, always a plus!


miss morgan... said...

oooh that's an awesome tip!

jenny ress said...

Hey Christine,
I saw your post on PI & came on over.

I'm glad I did. :)
This is a great idea for hanging the kits.

I'll be back to check out more of your blog later.

I'm in Wisconsin, so we're not too far away.
I always think it's neat to find someone that's "kinda sorta" close to me. :)