Monday, May 28, 2007

Kissy's Garage

I have been trying to think of what to call my scrap room for a while now. Mommy's room is to neutral, studio just doesn't fit, scrap room - not personal enough. Anyway you get the idea, well in walked my adorable hubby the other day and as we were talking he started to look around (I had just cleaned and reorganized my room) and he said "this is your garage -Kissy's Garage" I laughed so hard, but he was right it is my version of a guys favorite place - the garage!! So my scrap room is now referred to as Kissy's Garage - I love it!
If you are wondering, Kissy comes from a sweet nickname that my nephew gave me when he was a little toddler - he had a hard time saying Christine and it came out sounding like Kissy, well the name stuck and now all my family and friends call me Kissy. The pic I posted is my "garage", the lighting is not so great, but it is a basement room and very hard to get a good shot of. TFL!

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Barb said...

Love it--the garage--perfect name!