Monday, June 4, 2012

Energy and cinnamon rolls.

Say hello to my new best friend! I have never been much of an energy drinker, aside from a couple cups of coffee that is. The ones I have tried always leave me a bit too jittery, the 5 hour energy makes me strung out for more like 10 hours! But as of late I am finding myself dragging around 2pm and in real need of a boost! So I thought I would give this one a try, the carbs are pretty low and it has fruits and veggies in it, how can that be a bad thing! Well I love it! The taste is great, and it does the trick, a nice little pick me up in the afternoon.
What I find humorous about this photo though is the string of beverages on my desk, and you can't even see the two bottles of water. It seems I get bored with what I am drinking.

Seeing as how I am kind of on the subject of food I thought I would share this recipe for Cinnamon Crescent Rolls:

I need to get groceries but have not had the time so the big question was what to make for dinner. The boys love breakfast for dinner and I had eggs and sausage but no bread for toast. Back the depths of the fridge I found some crescent rolls and I remembered this recipe that I had pinned. 
Mine did not look as pretty as these but they tasted sooooo good! Very quick and easy to make and they just melt in your mouth. So I highly recommend this one.

The June Cocoa Daisy main kit is sold out! 
For those of you that scored one, I will start shipping them out tomorrow. We have a few of the embellishment kits left and we also set aside some of the stamps for Stamp Subscriptions, so if you missed out on the "Houses in a row" stamp you can still get it when you sign up for a stamp subscription.

That's it for today! I better get some sleep, I have boxes to pack tomorrow!!

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