Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cocoa Daisy June kit and our holiday weekend.

We started off our Holiday weekend at 1 am Friday morning, when Zach walked into my bedroom and said "Mommy my tummy hurts....." and then you guessed it blap! All over my bed and the rug (both of which are white) I tried to get to him in time, amazing how fast a mommy can move in the middle of the night when clean, white, bed linens are in jeopardy. I told him run to the bathroom but instead of turning and going right into my bathroom he ran down the hall and tried to make it to his bathroom. I emphasize the word tried. So a little word to those of you that are new moms - if your child walks up to you and says  either "My tummy hurts" or "I think I'm gonna.." it's already too late, they are gonna!
Opt for the Stainmaster treatment on all your new furniture and have the name of a good carpet cleaner listed in your address book.
So, my poor little itty bitty was so sick all night and well into the next morning. He was feeling a bit better by the afternoon so I gave him a bath and put him in bed where he stayed and slept until 8pm. Saturday he was much better but then being the sweet boy that he is, he decided to share his little tummy bug with Mommy. Thankfully I was not hit as hard and was only sick till Sunday afternoon. I really thought that we were out of the woods come Monday morning, and hoping to salvage the Holiday had plans of going to Grandma and Grandpa's for some burgers on the grill, that was until Nate walked up to me at noon and said "Mommy my tummy hurts". Now Nate being almost 10 knows were to run to when "his tummy hurts". I think Na-na got it the worst, he was so sick until almost 11 last night. He is home from school today and resting, had a smile for me this morning so I know he is feeling better.
So all in all quite the Holiday weekend for us. But I did manage to get my June Cocoa Daisy layouts done on Sunday.

This month's kit is all about pretty primary colors and fun patterns that make me think of picnics and quilted blankets.
Here is a pic of the full kit:

I had Ormolu design us some exclusive Flappers that coordinate with the kit so perfectly! And of course the stamp is exclusive to the main kit too! That stamp set is so versatile, you can create the sunshine like I did on the tag in the picture or you can create a chevron arrow design like I did in my "Watching" layout:

Here are the other two layouts I created using the June kit and add-ons:

I had the interlocking circles stamp and ampersand circle stamp designed so that you could use them together:

The June kit and add ons go up for sale to non subscribers at midnight EST June 1st. We have added a few more kits this month as the May kits sold out so quickly. You can check out the June kit and add ons here, and of course if you sign up for a 6 month subscription you can start that subscription with the June kit.
Check out the rest of the Design Team's creations using the June kit in our gallery.
Have a great week!

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