Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's officially summer!

Well it's been almost two weeks now and I think we are getting into our summer rhythm. Staying up and getting up later, slow and easy breakfast with the cartoons on, eating dinner a little later and of course the best part NO HOMEWORK! Here are the boys watching a youtube video together before bedtime:

It's always a bit of an adjustment for me, trying to work from home with the boys here, but they have been so good and this summer they seem to really understand that Mommy is working, in fact they have been great little helpers!

Another sure sign of summer is that I have fresh herbs from the garden to use in the kitchen. Nothing makes plain old spaghetti better then some fresh Basil and Oregano!

The boys will be with their Daddy next week for his birthday and Father's day, so I am taking a couple days off to go see my Jeffrey :)

We are trying real hard to see each other every 4-6 weeks and so far this year we have done pretty well. Still miss him like crazy the minute he leaves, but when you love someone you just make it work.

I am hoping that Ronda and Emily will be home from their vacations so that we can meet up for lunch or coffee. I haven't seen them since CHA winter!

 On the Cocoa Daisy side of things, we still have a couple June kits available:

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Make sure to check back on the 15th to see our July kit sneak peeks!

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