Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I want to remember.

This day June 10th is not a good day. Today is the 4 year anniversary of my nephew Andrew's death. I have struggled with if I should post about this again this year. It is very hard for me to talk about and to express my feelings when it comes to my sweet nephew. But I was thinking about him today and I started looking to try and find the last photo that I had of him, and this is it.
It was Easter 2005 and he is the tall young man with his pocket full of Easter Eggs, only 16 years old. This is the very last photo that I have of him, which is why I decided I needed to post about him today. I know as scrapbookers we like to say we scrap to keep the memories recorded for our kids and future generations, but that is not really why I scrap anymore. Andrew's unfortunate death made me realize that I need to scrap for me - for right now. I want the memories of my boy's pudgy wrists when they were two, their cheesy smiles, the funny things they say and just all of it! I want to have it all there for ME to look back on and remember. You never know what life will bring and we never know how long we have with those we love, so please, don't just scrap for someday, for your kids to look back at, scrap for you to remember, for right now.

I want each of you who reads this to do two things for me today, tell your children you love them and take a photo of them RIGHT NOW!! I don't care what the lighting is like or what they are doing just go grab your camera and take a picture of them.


Heather said...

Wow! I lvoe what you just said and will go grab my camera and take that pic of my dear son. I got very choked up reading this and am so sorry for your families loss.

Kelly in Canada said...

You are so right. My little boy wanted to take a photo of me this morning (vacuuming, grubby, blah!) and I wouldn't let him but it's all us and it's all good, baggy shirts and all.
I am very sorry for your loss.

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

WOW! This is so heartfelt and so very pertinent... it's important to remember the "right now." So sorry about your loss... he will always live on in your hearts! HUGS!

Ronda P. said...

Christine this is so poignant for me right now. Sending you lots of love & prayers!

Debbie said...

Christine, the people we love never leave our lives for good..even if they are not her physically. It's good that you keep him close in you heart.

I have learned by experience that life is short and everyday is important.

Never forgetting is a good thing even though it hurts.

You don't know me but I was linked up from Ronda's blog and just couldn't help but responding to your post. Thanks for the reminder to hug my kids.

AnnaB said...

Many hugs to you Christine...!!!