Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well it does seem like forever since I have updated - sorry about that! I have spent the last week preparing for and then enjoying some out of town guests! Greg's dad and his girlfriend (Pa Pa and Shirley) came up this last weekend and we had such a good time with them. Here is a little photo recap:

We spent some time outdoors after dinner playing with the boys, you can tell by looking at the sky there was a big storm rolling in. In fact we had a huge storm come through, many places around us were flooded and without electricity by morning.

Just when the rain started the boys decided that dancing in the rain was a very fun thing to do :) Looking back at this photo I now wish I had danced in the rain with them!

On Friday we did a little antique hunting (I found another printer's drawer :) it's in great condition, not sure where I am going to put it yet but I could not pass it up. Saturday was a beautiful day so we decided to head to the beach for lunch. We sat outside in the sun while we ate and I have to say that after such a long winter and cool spring it was nice to feel some "kisses" from the sun:

(Zach actually took this photo - which I thought was pretty cool)

After a walk along the pier it was decided that an ice cream break was necessary. Pa Pa tried to get Zach to share his milkshake with him but as you can guess Zach said NO!

Sunday was not only Father's day but also Greg's birthday - a big one in fact! The big 4-0!!! He met the day with enthusiasm and good humor, not a bit of fear :) Here is the birthday boy with his slice of birthday pie - yes he wanted apple pie instead of cake, very good choice if I do say so myself!

Pa Pa requested a photo of him and the boys and after a few promises of candy I was able to get this one:
(love how it turned out!)

And last but not least the obligatory "aw aren't they cute" photos of my boys:

After almost 10 days of no scrapping I am about to burst! So here is hoping that I get some time to scrap tomorrow, hope you all had a great Father's day!

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Ady said...

so glad you had a wonderful father's day. Can't wait to see what you create with these photos...