Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday randomness:

It's Monday so a new MMM blog post is in order, this week my fellow Masters and I are all scraplifting one another. So make sure to check out the blog each day this week! I was assigned the amazingly talented Veronica Jennings, I love how she uses paint on her layouts!

Amber Bretz......come on down!!! My buddy is a game show celebrity! Amber was on The Price is Right last Wednesday and she won a hot tub!! How cool is that!!! Here is a link to the show. Congratulations girlfriend!

Well, this girl is sleepy so that is all for now, have a great Monday night - and don't forget to VOTE tomorrow!!

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Tessa said...

Tell Amber congratulations. That is my favorite show when I am home. When I work at home, I take my lunch just so I can watch that show. Tell her she was fabulous.