Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pretty sure I messed up!

So, to start off with - no I did not get a HoF call, and I am pretty sure I know why. On Thursday the phone rang and the caller ID said CK media, I was shaking I was so excited! But it was not THE call, it was Joannie calling to verify who took one of the photos in the mini album I had submitted. Now on a side note - I screwed up, about a week ago it popped into my head (because of course I was dwelling on my entry yet again) that I had included a photo of myself with the boys in my mini album, I stood there with my jaw literally hanging open, trying to rack my brain as to if I had included that little blurb - "photo taken by other than entrant" . Now on a separate layout I had made sure to do this, because I had used a beautiful photo taken by the talented Greta - thank you sweetie!!! So I could not believe that I had missed it on this other one - I was pretty sure DH had taken the photo, but in my heart of hearts I knew I had forgotten to add that blurb, probably because it was on a little page in the mini album. So back to the phone call, Joannie asked who took the photo, I stammered I thought it was my DH, and reminded her that I had made sure to include the blurb on another/different layout in my entry. I asked her if this call meant anything and she said that what she was doing was separate from the judging. At first I was excited, I mean they would not have called if they had not been considering me, but then I just new I was going to be disqualified - which was fair-let's face it I screwed up!
I cannot believe after the amount of time I spent putting my entry together, the countless times I looked it all over and over before I mailed it out - that I missed that! But I did! I am proud of myself, I could have lied, but that's not me, and I do feel good that I was being considered.
I have to say I am sad today - I just feel like locking the scraproom door, (maybe it's the remains of the flu) but I feel like I put so much of myself into that entry. But God love him, my sweet husband, told me to call Amber, schedule an overnight scrap fest or "nerdapalooza" as he calls it and just have fun, and keep trying -he is THE BEST!!! So I think that is what I will do.
So that is the story everyone, and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all the well wishes and hopes that I would win, you all have no idea how much it means me!


Tessa said...

You are way too hard on yourself. Don't beat yourself up over a mistake. You are making beautiful memories to last a lifetime and that is what will mostly be remembered. Love ya, your favorite cousin in law.

stephanie said...

oh honey,
you are number one in my hall of fame.
and i know that is dumb, but i mean it.
i'm so proud of you, yes it would have been easy to lie, but you are NOT that person.

scrapnic72 said...

Christine, you showed character. You gave your sons an awesome model of integrity. And that is better than any HOF could ever be, though I'm sure the sting is really fresh and raw right now. You are incredibly creative, and classy, and I know that you know in your heart that you are a winner. You inspire so many, and these actions just inspire me even more. After all, living upright and true when no one is looking, that's what makes true character. You are a blessing to many.


Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Christine, you are talented and creative and you demonstrated honesty and integrity. There's nothing wrong with that and you should be proud of yourself and your scrapbooking because you inspire others!!! Don't beat yourself up about it. We're all human! :-)

Sharmaine said...

Hugs :)
I like your hubbys suggestion, get right back on that horse and show them what your made of. Integrity!
I admire you for even entering! What a huge effort and achievement

Chrissy Le said...

You know, I lurk your blog all the time and I think you are better than alot of other HOFs out there. Your layouts are beautiful, inspiring, and amazing work of art. Don't let a label define your talents. It will come when it comes. You are already a HOF in my book ;)

Ady said...

Wow, I thought you would win for sure this year. I love the work you do and love to admire all your layouts on Daisy's Gallery. There is always next year.

Anonymous said...

h Christine, what a bummer, but at least you were honest ;) you wouldn't have wanted to go through what poor Kristina did last year. You are definitely a winner in my eyes your work is just amazing and has definitely inspired me to continue scrapping.

{hugs & kisses to you} :-*

Sharie said...

Your honesty makes you a true winner in my book, but you do have amazing talent! So you know your work was being considered and I hope that encourages you to keep trying. So glad your hubby is so good to you and sees that you deserve a little time to get your inspiration back. Take care.

Greta said...

Girl, even though you didn't make it, you are still a star in my book! You have talent! And your integrity is honorable - good for you! I can't wait to see your awesome layouts - I know I'll be inspired.

Sounds like your scrappy time went well, so I hope you are feeling much better by now. Hugs!!