Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just a tease!

I had to post this picture, it's a little tease of what is coming up for the May project kit. I had all the pieces laying out and it just looked so "yummy" I had to share. I start putting the project kits together a few months before I get to work on them, and it is so fun when I finally get all the pieces , and I can start to put it all together. I think this is my favorite project so far, I will give you a hint, it is going to be titled "just for me".

A few random things for today:
1. Tessa, saw the new tattoo - LOVE IT!! The puppy prints were just perfect. I am seriously thinking of getting another one, just unsure of where. I am leaning toward having the saying "my beloved is mine and I am his" tattooed in Hebrew on my right inner wrist, as an anniversary present for Greg.

2. Deli went to the groomer yesterday, and he looks so good all trimmed up - will post a pic of him tomorrow.

3. We finally had a warm spring day today, and the boys were having so much fun hanging out doors they did not want to come in for their baths.

Not much going on, hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh I so can't wait to check out your project Christine, the colours look so divine :D

thanks for stopping by my blog too ;)