Friday, December 14, 2007

Some Dec. randomness

Not a lot going on and seeing as how I cannot post any of the layouts I am working on yet I thought I would post some random thoughts for the day.
I am not in the Christmas mood yet - it's making me grumpy.
Just bought the cutest little fake trees for my kitchen from pottery barn.
Nic gave me some awesome Ghirardelli peppermint bark chocolates with my swap on Sat. and I loved them so much I had to buy the big bag at Target today.
I have all my Christmas shopping done, and my cards mailed.
I love it how Nate will surprise us with a new bit of knowledge he learned at school.
I need to start making dinner but I am not motivated at all! (Chicken stir-fry is on the menu)
I want to go clothes shopping REALLY BAD!!!
Zach just got a stuffed frog from his Grammy today and when he unwrapped it he said "oh he's cute" and gave it a kiss.
The quote on my fridge right now reads "We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."
I took this photo of my little itty bitty while playing tickle monster - I know it's blurry - but I love it, you can see his little scar on his chin from his accident Thanksgiving night - which sent us to the emergency room! Luckily he did not need stitches just some "super glue".
Have a great day :)


Jody said...

I hope you get in the Christmas spirit soon! I loved scrapping and lunching and getting such amazing things from you last Saturday. So much fun...I can't wait til next time! Have a great rest of the month...Merry Christmas too. =)

scrapnic72 said...


Watch it....those Ghiardelli peppermint bark squares are addictive....but splurge, as they're only around once per year. And be sure to try the peppermint Almond Rocha, too, if you get a chance.

Thanks again for the super sweet bag. My 6-year-old daughter was admiring it (she loved the little balls!) and later, I found it in her room with all her most beloved treasures in it....I'll have to figure out how to make her a bright-pink-polka dot one, so I may be calling you for the pattern!

Go out and build a snowman! That always puts me in the spirit, along with listening to some good Kenny G instrumental Christmas! Or just give in and go buy yourself some clothes!