Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm back!

Well we got back into town last night - we spent the week in VA visiting family. We had a wonderful time, great memories, weather and way to much food! Grams and Poppy watched the boys for Greg and I so we could have some much needed "us" time. We caught up with family and friends, went to dinner at a Japanese Steak house - I really enjoyed the night out, very entertaining meal. Aside from Zach waking up in the middle of the night and screaming like a caged animal for hours at a time - all went well :) The boys had so much fun being spoiled by Grams and Poppy. On Thursday Greg and I took a trip into Richmond and spent the morning walking in an area of town called "Carrytown" lots of quaint boutique type stores and galleries. We had a great pizza at Joe's Inn, and then my dear sweet hubby took me to a great little scrapbook store called "Memories Galore". Here are some of the goodies I found in Carrytown and at Memories Galore. I am thrilled to have found that 7gypsies punch, can't wait to try the crackle paint. The little magnets are made from old typewriter keys.

These cards are actual quotes from little children - so sweet, and the button, well it's just so true!

These cards were to just to cute to pass up - I loved their design too:

I LOVE these Sukie labels:

And a new addition to Nate's Ugly Doll family, he named him "Batty":

These are some of the great Scrap goodies my Mother-in-law gave me for Christmas:

As far as the scrap spending freeze goes - I applied the zip code rule to my purchases so that means they don't count! :)
I will be posting my Cocoa Daisy layouts tomorrow, and I hope you all have a safe and fun New Year!


Barb said...

The zip code rule? That's a shopping policy I'm not familiar with. Will have to remember that!

scrapnic72 said...

I love your finds....especially those tags? Do you think they are available on-line somewhere? I also love the ugly dolls....bought my son his first this year, and they just make me smile! Happy New Year, and I hope to see you soon.....can't wait to get that Cocoa Daisy book kit!


This is Me said...

Hey! Santa left us Batty too (so cute), it looks like you had a great holiday (I'm so glad). You have a beautiful family:), I hope you and Amber can make it this Saturday to our crop:)