Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Birthday week - to me!

I cannot believe I am "in my mid thirty's! and yes that is as close to me telling you all my age as you are going to get! I have to say I really don't feel like I am this old, I still think of myself as a 30 year old. I do not like this getting closer to 40 or the crows feet I am starting to see - no not at all! We celebrate birthdays in our house for a whole week - the birthday boy or girl gets to be spoiled all week long, helps with the getting older thing! Tonight is dinner out with my hubby - just us, no kids a great meal and glass of wine - can't wait! My wonderful cousin-in-law was sweet enough to send me a Gift Certificate to my LSS - to help me out till the spending freeze is over, Thank you Tessa!!!! I must give full disclosure about the spending freeze - last Sunday night was my LSS's ViP night and of course being it is a once a year thing and it was the first night of said birthday week - I had to go, and yes I spent some money, but in my defense I applied it as a birthday present to myself :) and I bought one of these:

I have also been busy being "crafty" this week, I made these:
for the girls I am going to crop with ALL DAY tomorrow, (just some little felt bags with something sweet inside) can't wait to see my Crazy Michigan SiSters!

And I made this for my BFF Amber, I love the "&" sign (love collecting them) I like to say "&... because there is always more to the story" really applies to the stories we tell when we scrapbook. The "&" charm is from PaperValise, the other parts and crystals are from a local bead shop.


casey boyd said...


From one mid thirty to another:)
Hope you enjoy a wonderful dinner with your husband.

Sharie said...

Happy Birthday week! Enjoy the celebrations.

Stephanie Mah said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Heather said...

Im sorry I missed the crop. Those bags are just too cute!!!
~Hope you guys had a great time..I'll catch up at the next one!!