Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December 1st!

And to celebrate here are the rest of my layouts using the December Cocoa Daisy kit! I have a hard time making Christmas layouts (I think I o'd on them when I first started scrapbooking) and I was thrilled that this months kit was not your traditional Christmas colors/kit. The first layout is done with the Prima watercolor paper - this was time consuming, but a lot of fun. I used watercolor pencils for the detail work and a water brush and ink pads for the background, all you do is use a wet brush (or I like to use the brushes that have a barrel you can fill with water) and just rub the brush against the ink pad then paint, gives you a very subtle effect. The photo is of my grandmother when she was a little girl.
The second layout I made with the journaling in mind, it comes from one of my son's books, I altered it a little it reads: "I heard" said the bird. "How"? said the cow. "when"? said the hen. "where"? said the mare. "I heard" said the bird. "what!" asked all the animals. "what did you hear?" "I heard the mommy say"..." I LOVE YOU" "I declare!" said the hare.
The title on the third layout is also from a children's book.
So if you are ever stuck on what to journal on a page, just look through your child's books!


stephanie said...

they are beautiful.
i feel like every layout you do is a treasure.

Barb said...

That first one took my breath away!

casey boyd said...

Christine, those layouts are just gorgeous!!