Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something that has been tugging at my heart

I feel compelled to write about this, to get my feelings together and what better place than my blog. I have never been much of a journal or diary keeper but my blog has helped to do better in that area. Like most of you I have been watching the ebb and flow of this years election, the topics being brought up and discussed (and being a debate girl I enjoy the back and forth of the two parties), each party loves to talk about who they will "fight" for, who needs help and what should be changed to make their lives better, but I have not heard anyone talk about the most innocent group of all, a group that has no voice or political affiliation, the voice of thousands and thousands of little babies is not being represented. Yes I am talking about abortion, a touchy subject for some, now the law of the land is that they are legal, I understand that and I am not an in your face, bully someone to think like me kind of girl when it comes to abortion -other topics maybe, but not abortion. I believe that we need to touch the hearts of women and get them to make the choice to save their babies, rather than get in anyone's face or call them names. As I mentioned it is the law of the land and probably will remain the law of the land, but I firmly believe that we do not need to broaden the scope of that law, as a loving and benevolent group we should not allow things like late term abortions or the practice of letting babies die on a cold table because of a botched abortion attempt - I am sorry to be so graphic, but just google the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. I know that a lot of women want this choice (and in certain instances I do believe the option has to be available) and I really am not trying to debate anyone, I just want to make women pause a moment and hear these little voices. I have had two very close friends have miscarriages in the last couple years and to them they did not loose a fetus but they lost their babies. Just take a moment to think about this issue, and where you stand on it, do some research on it and open your heart to the fact that we need to set and example to our children that all life is to be valued; old, young, red, yellow, black, white, handicapped, rich, poor and yes unborn.

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Hardcorescrapper said...

Amen sister. All I can do is pray for these unborn angels. My brother and sister just had a baby and I remembered back to my own births of my two boys. The second my boy's head was out, I heard that first gasp of breath and that first cry. To me the most amazing sound in the world. But I've heard the debates about partial birth abortions and it makes my stomach clench. It would allow a woman like myself to give birth, but to have the doctor deliver the baby feet first, then stab a scissors in the baby's skull to kill it, and finally deliver it when it was dead. How can this be a choice? I'll just keep praying that whichever candidate is elected, that they do what is right... not what may be called "politically correct."