Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Wednesday randomness (posted on Thursday)

First I really want to vent about a couple things the first being - hello its the end of May, WHY IS IT ONLY 53 DEGREES OUT!!!! I want to play in my garden, but it is too freaking cold! My plants are not liking it all. Hoping the weather man is right and it warms up this weekend. The other thing that is bothering me; why does being a stay at home mom make me less of a woman? This is why I ask, at a school function the other day one of the other mothers asked me "what I do for a living" my response without thinking was "I am just a mom". Why did I say "just" as if what I do is not significant? Part of the reason I think was her response, a kind of smirk and a "oh", long pause "it must be nice to stay home". This sort of comment is one I hear too often. I am by no means wanting to start a huge debate about staying home or working, all I am frustrated with is this notion that CHOOSING to stay home and take care of my family is a lesser choice or copout. I thought the whole feminism movement was about giving us the choice, not telling us you are nothing if you don't contribute in the work force. I may not go to a job everyday, but I sure as hell feel that I contribute, and I have made a promise to myself to never use the word "just" when describing "what I do" for a living, the next time someone asks me! OK vent over, that has just been stewing with me for a while, and I had to let it out! :-)

In other news Deli Joe had a bad seizure last night, but he is doing fine today, curled up in his bed in my scraproom, just hanging out with me.

In scrappy news, I saw this acrylic stamp storage system in CK and on Tricia's blog. I have had my acrylic stamps in a binder with page protectors, but the stamps kept falling out and it was very bulky. This looked like a great solution! Well it came the other day and I LOVE IT! I was able to fit almost all of my stamps in it (I ordered an extra set of sleeves) and it is so compact and easy to use. I highly recommend it!

I think I am going to try for Memory Maker Master, I do not like that you have to send them an original layout (kept me from entering last year) but I have some time and some sketches so I think I will give it a go. I just have to make sure and create a duplicate of the layout I send them so I have one for my albums.

And this is a sneak peek of the June project kit! This one is going to be less labor intensive than the last couple I have done, something you could easily put together in an afternoon or over a weekend. Can't wait to show you the finished project!


Je said...

Oh that project looks amazing, it has all my fave stuff: stamps, colors, labels! I'll have to wait and see!

Sharie said...

I'm also a SAHM. A little girl at my son's school asked me what my job was. She was surprised when I told her that part of my job as a mom was to help out in the classroom and the other half was to work from home! The PTA lady who called to ask for my help was surprised to hear I could only give her an hour to help decorate for the teachers' luncheon. Just wanted you to know you are not alone!
Take care, and I hope your Deli Joe is even better today.

Anonymous said...

love the way you've sorted your stamps - its a fantastic idea, beats the folder type thing anyday. Thanks for sharing :)