Sunday, March 16, 2008

RAK winner/finding time to scrap

And the winner is.......

Nate picked you Nicole! Please email me your address so I can send you off some goodies!

Sharie asked me this question:

" When do you get your scrapbooking projects done? Do you have a specific time set aside each day? Juggling time is my biggest challenge!"

This is a good question, I think it is one of the hardest parts of this hobby we all share, finding the time to do what we enjoy doing, and it can be a challenge! I usually get about an hour to an hour and a half each day - this is while Zach takes his nap in the afternoon (if he takes his nap!). The days that Nate is home from school he gets to play his video game while Zach naps so that keeps him occupied. I don't scrap at night very much, I am just to worn out by the time the kids get in bed. I will stay up and scrap though if I need to get something finished. There are many days that I don't have time to scrap, but I almost always take a few minutes each night to either sketch a layout, write some journaling, or pick out photos, that way when I do get the time I have a lot of the work done already.
What am I going to do when Zach stops napping - I have no idea! (Hoping that with no naps Zach will either sleep in later - so I can scrap in the early morning, or will go to bed earlier - and I will have to start scrapping a couple nights a week).

I do think that you have to try to find a few minutes to yourself each day - and NOT FEEL GUILTY about it! When I have that hour each day, it's like recharging my batteries, I feel happy and less stressed, and that is a good thing for me and my family!

Have a great week everybody!


CandiMandi said...

I totally know what you mean... recharging is necessary, and art is such a great way! Your blog is cute!

Sharie said...

Thanks for answering the question! My boys no longer nap, so I sometimes pop in a 30-45 minute video for them (and forgive myself for doing it), then I also come back refreshed after the short break.
Have a great week!

scrapnic72 said...
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