Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Prayers for Katie and her Dad.

Coincidence is something that I don't believe in - I think we have things happen in our lives - no matter how small they may seem - for a reason. If we keep our minds and our hearts open we see these connections very clearly. A couple days ago I received an email at two peas from another member named Katie, she had seen my valentine layouts and mentioned she was having a contest on her site and that I should go check out her blog for details, which I did, and while there I noticed her entry about her father having had a bad accident and that he was not doing well. My heart went out to her and her family, and I said a prayer for them. I had not gone back to check and see how they were doing, and then to my surprise I saw a photo and story of her dad on Danelle's blog - coincidence?- no just a gentle nudge that I need to tell her story too, and ask each and everyone of you that stop by my little blog to take a minute to pray for this family.

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scrapnic72 said...

I'll definitely keep this family in prayer....thanks for sharing the story. I hope you are well!