Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ATC fun!

I have wanting to start my ATC holder for months now, and I finally did yesterday morning around 6:30am (more about the early time later) at first I was going to make it a record of events for the year, but I changed my mind. I have so many things "scheduled" in my life that I wanted a creative project that has no boundries, I can add to it whenever and whatever I choose. Kind of like an art journal, just little canvases for me to play on. The first one is "my word" and of course this comes from Ali's blog, it took me awhile to decide on a word for the year, but I really like grow, it's what I want to do this year: grow as a mother, friend, wife, child of God. I want my creativity to grow, and most of all I want to realize that to grow does not mean I have to be perfect, a hard lesson for me!

About the early morning - I am trying to find time to scrap, right now I do most of it in the afternoon if/when Zach takes his nap, and about once a week after everyone goes to bed. But Zach is about 4-6 months away from no more naps and the evening scrapping is hard because I am just to tired most of the time. So I thought I would try to start a habit of getting up early (like Greg does - he is up around 5:30am) and scrap when the boys are still sleeping. This is very hard for me - I am NOT a morning person, but there is something nice about being up before everyone, having the morning news on and that big cup of hot coffee first thing, that may get me motivated. I will keep you all updated.


scrapnic72 said...

I love your take on the ATC holder...what a great idea! Well wishes at establishing the morning habit.


Anonymous said...

love your ATC project and the idea of adding to it when you want without any deadlines - my kind of project ;)

all the best with getting up earlier to scrap! let us know how you get on.