Friday, August 17, 2007

I LOVE these!!!!

I have had a couple of these paint dabbers in my stash for awhile and decided to try one on some of my chipboard, well I am in love with them!!! They cover the chipboard perfectly, no extra "goopy" paint along the sides and no brush marks on top! Best of all no extra clean up of brushs - just put the cap back on and your done! I loved them so much I ordered about 10 more! I also wanted to point out a little trick I use when painting chipboard is putting a piece of double stick tape (take a little of the sticky off first by sticking it to your clothes) down on your scrap paper and then sticking your chipboard to it, keeps it from moving around while you paint it. The layout in the photo is a little sneak peek at the Sept. Cocoa Daisy :)


Barb said...

Very cool!
I have a couple in my stash that I've yet to try, too.

Have you tried the paint daubers from Fiber Scraps? They are pretty fun, too. Just used one for this week's Scrapjacked. . .

Sharie said...

I have one of those paint daubers, just haven't tried it on chipboard - thanks for the tip. I just painted chipboard with a foam brush and had a hard time getting rid of the brushstrokes.

Samm said...

Great idea! these little dabbers are fabby! I used mine for the first time today.