Wednesday, February 18, 2009


OK - first of all we had a wonderful Valentines day, Greg sent me these (my favorite):

and we took this goofy photo of ourselves:

We knew it would be crazy busy trying to go out to eat on Valentine night so we had Mom watch the boys while we had a Valentine lunch. Then Greg took me a local scrap store to do a little shopping (isn't he the best - he even *gasp* went into the store with me!).

I have been meaning to post these pictures of the munchkins for Grams and Poppy:
Here is Nate still missing ALL four of his top front teeth - he has such a lisp when he talks, it is so funny:

And this one of Zach -yes that is snow all over his chin, he won't stop eating the snow :)

As promised here are a few sneaks of what I have been working on for Cocoa Daisy using the March kit -it is so scrumptious!

I am going to start working on March's project kit this weekend (while we relax at my parent's cottage on Drummond Island) and I will post some pictures of that when I return! Have a wonderful weekend!


Karen said...

March's projects look simply divine!

Tessa said...

Please do not pick on my baby's lisp. You are a mean mommy. Just kidding - notice I didn't give you any grief about the goofiness of Greg's photo but he is goofy all of the time. Love ya,

Jody said...

I love tulips too...yours are beautiful! It's too bad they don't last at least a month though. =)
I'm glad you enjoyed lunch out. I need to do that sometime soon. I've missed scrapping with you and all the rest of our 'gang', but love all your pages and projects here. Your Valentine mini is the best. Happy February! xoxo

Delaney Gates said...

Beautiful flowers! OMG, he went *into* the store?! Def a keeper! :)