Sunday, August 17, 2008

A few things from my week

Just a few highlights from my week:
1. We had beautiful weather this week and we went for a lot of walks on the trails that Greg has cut on our property.

2. I am not a big fan of ice cream, but every once in awhile I get a craving, so I spotted this in the store and thought I would try it, this is THE BEST ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER TASTED!! Really you need to run out and buy some right now!

3. We went out to dinner with Amber and Jeff. Amber and I are so alike and honestly I think it is starting to scare our husbands, Amber showed up at my door wearing the exact same outfit as I had on - right down to the color of our toes! Of course we thought it was too funny and had to take pictures. I should probably explain the last photo, when Amber and I get together we act like a couple of teenage girls, not to mention that neither of us can ever sit still, so when Amber suggested we try to do a "charlies angles" type pose we couldn't stop laughing long enough to stand still so Greg could take a decent picture! I think I love that third picture because it is speaks volumes!!

4. I worked on some fun things for Creative Cafe:
I was playing with the clipboards and discovered that I could use them to store my Acrylic Stamps - they stick just great. I thought it would be really neat to do a bunch and then just line them up on a shelf. The second clipboard is made to use as a frame, I like how easy it is to change the photo. I love this new ledger type paper too!

5. I worked on my next I Inspire Me challenge and I had a lot of fun, I played with paint and did a very "artsy" layout - Can't wait to share it with you on Wednesday.

6. Right now I am sitting here in bed trying to get over a nasty sore throat -a real bummer, because I really want to go scrap!

But I have to say that all in all it has been a REALLY GOOD WEEK! :) :) :)


Hardcorescrapper said...

hee hee hee hee.... we truly are freaks girl! In a good way of course! I really think we could be sisters! Love ya!

happydays525 said...

Super great idea with the Creative Cafe clipboards! I'll be sharing this with out DT Coordinator for sure, love it! You should upload it to the CI gallery! =)