Tuesday, February 12, 2008

multi photo layouts

I have been trying to do more multi-photo layouts, and I am really happy with how this one turned out! It can be a challenge for me to scrap more than one photo on a page. I like to either have one photo much larger than the others (for a good focal point) or make a grouping of 3 or 4 smaller photos. I don't usually do 2 page spreads, so I am really playing around with ideas for multi photo one page layouts. I included a close up of the cluster of flowers, because that little dinosaur brad is just to cute to miss!

1 comment:

casey boyd said...

Christine this turned out adorable. My son does the exact same thing!! it is so funny, and always makes me smile when I walk into a room and see his toys lined up.
Great job on the multi photo, I love the challenge of a 1 page multi photo lo.