Thursday, November 1, 2007

Let the spending.... END!

Ok it's November 1st - and that means my self imposed scrap supply spending freeze is in effect! The rules are that I cannot spend any money on scrap supplies until January 1st - this does not include my monthly kits, adhesive or cardstock. I am happy to report that I even skipped one of my kits for the month of November. I am feeling pretty confident - but then again it is only the first day!!! I am sure I will have the shakes by Thanksgiving. So feel free to ask me how I am doing and hold me to it! (and my conscience, aka Tessa may call at any time ;)


Barb said...

You can do it!
If I hadn't have ordered something this morning I'd totally be there with you in solidarity.

Maybe starting tomorrow?

just lisa said...

I just happen to see your blog. I love that post about not sepending until January 1. You have inspired me - except for my monthly kits, preorders that I have already committed too and adhesives - I am going to try my hardest! I agree "let the spending...END!" I have been out of control lately with it!

I enjoyed looking at your layouts - they are so beautiful.

Chrissy Le said...

hehe, too funny! Good luck! I was so proud of myself yesterday because i didn't buy any kits. Well that lasted ONE day. Bought a kit today! But it's a good one!