Sunday, October 14, 2007

Just some random thoughts

-I really wish I could spell better.
-I am putting myself on a scrapbook supply spending freeze starting Nov. 1 and going till Jan. 1st (this does not include my monthly kits, and the basics like adhesive or cardstock) wish me luck - Amber and my hubby have their doubts - but I think I can do it!
-I need to be less intense at times and learn how to relax more!
-I just bought a bottle of perfume from American Eagle that smells just like my little boys head after bath time - and I love it! This is big for me - I am not much of a perfume girl.
-Really enjoying the new show called "Life".
-I am looking forward to winter and the "hibernation" it brings.
-MUST update my slide show!


stephanie said...

love you, you TALENTED lady.
that's my random thought for the day. =)

Sharie said...

Enjoyed reading your random thoughts! Good luck on the spending freeze.

Barb said...

I love random!

And I totally hear you on the spending freeze. Maybe I'll freeze along with you.

scrapnic72 said...

Hi, Christina:

I just wanted to say how fun it was to pick up the HOF mag. today, and to see your adorable layout...."Hey, I know her!" I would love to see your full HOF entry sometime, as I am considering entering myself and would love to see how someone approached it. Congratulations!