Sunday, June 3, 2007

How my scrapbook brain works.

I thought it would be fun to show how my brain works when it is in scrapbook mode ( which is most of the time! ). The first photo is of a Diet Pepsi can, and while looking at the can and eating lunch the other day I noticed how the designers of the can used a bold stripe down the side with a circle over top -great idea for a layout! The next photo is of my sketch book and it shows how I took that idea and made it into a sketch of a layout. The last photo is of the finished product (my Be Happy layout for Cocoa Daisy). Always look at the world around you in a "shape" mentality; i.e. circles, rectangles etc. and it is easy to transfer what you see into a layout design!


Barb said...

Man. I've never thought so much about my creative process. I need to pay more attention!


Angelia said...

I could hate you ;) The fact that you can sketch like that, and then create using the should see my mess each time I scrap - and it's all by the seat of my pants. I simply cannot envision anything from a sketch. I have to have photos and product - especially patterned papers. You go, girl!