Friday, January 15, 2010

Tearing down a wall!

I am so excited!! We are tearing down the wall between my scrap room and the guest room and making it into one big room! The demolition started this morning so last night before bed I gave the boys a bucket of markers and said "write on the wall all you want"!! They thought that was the coolest thing ever - in fact to quote Zach "Mom! This is SWEEEEEET!"

So here are some pictures of our little drawing party:

What would be the next best thing to writing on the wall? Well that would be tackling your big brother and writing on him!

I'll have more pictures of the progress of my room's transformation as it moves along! And I will be posting a fun spray ink tutorial later tonight!

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scrapnic72 said...

In our last house, one of the walls in my scrap room was a wall that I allowed Kennedy to paint on. It was so precious. I wondered when we sold whether people would think it strange, but I think they found it endearing!