Monday, July 20, 2009

This months design challenge at Cocoa Daisy

I posted this months design challenge "no floating allowed", here is the challenge and the layout I did as an example:

What do I mean? Well this is a little rule that I follow when I create my layouts and it really helps to give your layouts a nice flow and balance. The rule is that nothing should be allowed to float off on its own. When things are off in "outer space" it is jarring to the eye and the person looking at the layout gets stuck on that little floater. I don't mean that everything has to literally be touching something else, for instance you can have a "trail" of sequins or buttons that lead the eye. There are exceptions, of course, one of which is when you have something along the edge of your layout, I look at that as more of a framing of the layout and can then be by its self. So here is my example, notice how your eye starts at the upper left corner and flows in a diagonal line through the photo, title and journaling and then off the page at the lower right corner. Everything is linked to something else on the layout which leaves no little bits floating off in space. If you remembered what I talked about from a previous challenge about directing the viewers eye then you will notice how the top of the letter "b" points at the bird charm in the photo.

I hope you can join in on the challenge, you have two weeks to complete your layout and post it in this thread.

Have you heard? The deadline to enter to become a Daisy Diva has been extended to August 5th!!! You can find all the info on submitting here.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Tuesday!

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KJ said...

Chris I love this L.O & challenge. Your 12x12 printer definitely has it's merits, I love how you mixed the type with hand writing!

I have posted a link to your blog on mine to encourage people to get involved!
Have a gr8 day!